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Syed Saddiq Criticises MP Who Made Timah An Issue Kept Quiet When Najib Was Given Land And Bungalow Worth RM100mil

Social NewsSyed Saddiq Criticises MP Who Made Timah An Issue Kept Quiet When...

Over the past few months, the non-Muslims in Malaysia had experienced a roller-coaster of emotions after politicians made the local whisky brand, Timah and the sale of alcohol and gambling an issue in the country.

Commenting on these events, Syed Saddiq said these are the hypocrisy that divides the nation.

Speaking at an open discussion with Critical Conversations on Tuesday (14 December), the co-founder of MUDA was being asked for his opinion on the “creeping Islamisation” posed by former diplomat, Dennis Ignatius.

Source: The Star

Syed Saddiq said it was the same people who debated over the Timah issue who did not say anything at all when former Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak was awarded a piece of land and bungalow worth RM100 million by the government.

“Don’t blame the Muslims, or Islam. Blame those who masquerade as Islam’s defenders for their own personal interest, purpose and have been wanting to divide Malaysia forever.” Syed Saddiq said.

He also pointed out how unfair it is when the state government bans the sale of liqour in smaller stores such as convenience stores and Chinese medical halls in Kuala Lumpur.

“How is this logic and consistent when pubs and bars are still allowed to sell liquor at night? The big guys are always protected but the small guys are not.” he stressed.

Source: The Sun Daily

In addition, Syed Saddiq also criticises the state government’s decision to ban gambling in the state, adding that this move will only benefit the illegal gambling operators.

He highlighted that such unregulated businesses also targeted the minors and channel their profits to the illicit drug industry and prostitution, adding that they are the happiest people now as they can operate unfettered since they no longer have legal competitors.

“Data has shown that once legal gambling is suppressed, the illegal gambling industry thrives to the max.”

“Don’t just look: ‘Oh good, Kedah state government. Oh Muslim! Very good!’ But in reality, they are the ones who are enriching the black market, hurting Malaysians and hurting those who want to operate within the legal framework.” he said.

Syed Saddiq then reminded MUDA and the other parties to not be afraid and fight for what is right.

“Don’t be apologetic. We fight based on data and science. They are the ones who hurt Malaysia. Confront them with facts and figures.”

Watch the full discussion below, with the conversation on this matter can be heard on the 32:00 mark until 38:07.

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