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Education Ministry Introduces “Sekolahku Sejahtera” Concept To Curb Bullying

NewsEducation Ministry Introduces "Sekolahku Sejahtera" Concept To Curb Bullying

Bullying is never a trivial matter and there are instances where bullying actually costs innocent lives.

In an effort to curb bullying in schools, the Education Ministry has introduced a concept known as “Sekolahku Sejahtera” (Prosper My School) to educate students about bullying.

According to the Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin, the concept is not a new subject, but rather it is more of a concept that instills the idea of noble values among the students in the early stages of schooling.

Source: Kosmo

Meanwhile, Radzi also explained the causes of students turned to become a bully.

“Among the root causes of bullying is that some students behave in an irrational manner when acting in a group. They feel that when in a group, they can bully their friends.”

Source: Focus Malaysia

“These groupings are, among the factors that led to the situation today. The students do not consider what they are doing to be wrong.”

“There is no sense of empathy in considering what it feels like to be the one who is bullied or beaten.” he said in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday (13 December).

Radzi said the “Sekolahku Sejahtera” concept has 14 elements that will be explained and taught in the classroom indirectly or naturally. However, he did not give details on the elements of the concept.

“Generally, the elements of the concept will be a guideline for the students to make a decision wisely and rationally, as well as avoiding them from the act of bullying.” he said.

The ministry is now in the final process of engagement to introduce the Prosper My School concept.

Listen to the statement by Radzi here:

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