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Netizen Shared His Horrible Experience Being Bullied In Boarding School, Had His Penis Tied To A Fan

Social NewsNetizen Shared His Horrible Experience Being Bullied In Boarding School, Had His...

After the recent bullying case in a boarding school went viral on social media, an unnamed netizen had took the opportunity to confessed his horrible experienced of being bullied as a student at a local boarding school.

According to a story published by Utusan quoting a Facebook post made by the netizen who chose to remain anonymous, said the bullies had tied his penis to a piece of thread and attached it to a moving ceiling fan.

He even drew an illustration to help readers better understand the entire bullying incident.

Source: Facebook

“I just want everyone to know that boarding schools are full of ‘anak-anak iblis’ (the devil’s offspring).” the netizen wrote in his confession.

He added that he was compelled to share his own experience with bullying and he sympathizes with the schoolboy who recently became a victim of such immoral act at a boarding school in Perak.

Source: Focus Malaysia

The netizen then detailed the abuse he received, saying there were 4 other students in the room, all laughing while torturing him.

“I wasn’t just beaten up and scolded. One day, the bullies tied a piece of thread to my penis that they then tied to a ceiling fan. Both my hands were bound.” he said, adding that he had to run around the room to avoid his genitals from being injured, or worst, dismembered.

“I was running in circles weh! At one point they switched the fan to Level 3 and I had to run really fast. When I was tired of running, the thread snapped off. My skin down there was left wounded.”

The netizen also said he had remembered the names of his bullies to this very day and he would never forgive them.

“I won’t forgive you until the end of time. You might have escaped punishment in this life but wait for the next. To parents who send their kids to boarding schools, always be sure to call and check on how they’re really doing because sometimes they might be afraid to say anything.” he wrote.

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