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Malaysians Outraged After KKM Only Issued RM1,000 Fines To Organisers Of Govt’s 100 Day Celebration

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The recent 100-Day Malaysian Family Aspirations celebrations which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) had sparked concerns of it being a superspreader event as large crowds can be seen gathering.

After complaints being made, the Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has voice out and made several measures to reduce crowding at the event and one of them being imposing a RM1,000 compound on the event organisers.

However, Malaysians were not impressed with this penalty imposed, with netizen @iqtodabal taking to social media to express his distaste at the apparent double standard treatment that took place.

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He pointed out that the RM1,000 compound imposed on the organisers seems pale compared to another incident where the organisers of the event was slapped with a RM245,000 fine.

The huge difference left a bad taste in the mouth for all who followed both incidences closely.

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Meanwhile, the netizen also pointed out that both the incidents took place on the same day and the only difference is that one was organised by the government themselves and another one by a nightclub.

“The same day the government fined themselves for an event they organised themselves, a nightclub in KL was fined RM25,000, and 44 patrons were fined RM5,000 each for a grand total of RM245,000.”

“Those who were fined were found to have violated social distancing rules, despite being in a crowd with far fewer attendees than the government event.” he wrote in his Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has in a special session yesterday (12 December) explained that the RM1,000 compound was the maximum fine under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act, given that the Emergency Ordinances were revoked.

Source: Malay Mail

He also said that the government is still in the process of getting the laws passed for imposing a heftier fine on those who violated the SOPs. However, that was the best his ministry can do for now.

He added that he even went to the scene to observe the big crowds at the event, in which attendees breached physical distancing rules. After which, he had taken several measures to reduce the crowd too.

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