Wednesday, December 7, 2022

“Why Wash Yourself When Prisoners Can Do It” Netizens Slams Prison Officer Over Insensitive Remark

Social News"Why Wash Yourself When Prisoners Can Do It" Netizens Slams Prison Officer...

There could be several reasons where someone can be convicted of a crime and not all of them are evil in their heart. However, the convicts are often being discriminated by the public and sometimes, prison wardens themselves.

Recently, a netizen had shared a screenshot of Facebook post by a prison officer sharing a photo of a man washing his car and captioned “Why wash yourself when prisoners can do it?”

Source: Facebook

The post then went viral on social media with netizens expressing their anger towards the prison officer who allegedly made such insensitive remarks.

It is believe that the prison officer has deactivated his social media accounts to limit the damage and to stop netizens from headhunting him. However, the incident continues to circulate the social media.

In the comment section, a netizen said he does not understand why officers whom are wearing uniform are not upholding their professionalism and have such behaviour.

One even called out to the Malaysian Prison Department (JPM) and Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) to ask them to look into this matter.

“This prisoner is more noble from your work, which people already know is very full of corruption.” said @naphewww.

Having said that, prisoners are people too and they deserve to be treated with decency and with respect.

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