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Bahasa Melayu is a sovereign language

Recently, Malaysia made history when the Minister of Environment and Water (KASA), Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man spoke in Malay on the international stage in Glasgow, Scotland, the 26th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP-26).

We are very proud of this leader to bring the Malay language to the global arena with a dignified language nationalist character.

Some questioned his awkward actions especially among foreign language speakers. Perhaps they are not aware, some countries especially France, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Russia, Indonesia and Latin countries will not compromise the use and practice of official languages ​​including on the stage of the United Nations.

Malaysia is a mixed, diverse, plural and diverse country. The language of unity is Malay which is also the language of communication, communication and the official language.

Yet, in terms of implementation, is it comprehensive in nature? The provision of Article 152 (1) of the Federal Constitution states’ The national language is Malay and shall be written in such writing as may be provided by law by Parliament.

Is this fully followed or are we selective in its practice, use and implementation?

Whether the institutions of Parliament, the Legislature and the Judiciary use it comprehensively as a beacon on their role to be leaders in ‘implementation’, ‘monitoring’ and ‘evaluation’ on the position of language as not a medium but also a ‘common’ language in daily life.

Delivery in administration and education as well as the language of knowledge must see where the dignity of the Malaysian race is if the Malay language merely fulfills the imagery of some parties while some marginalize the status in the Constitution.

The appreciation of the sovereignty of the Malay language is not just about filling the Language Month. It is a language that should be used every day. It is not a language used full of ‘hypocrisy’ when desperate and in need.

‘Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa’ or ‘Cintailah Bahasa Kebangsaan Kita’ must be elevated to a higher level. What is the point of it being engraved in the Constitution but continuing to be scorned or ridiculed as well as degrading its position. It is done by a few who still call themselves ‘Malaysians’.

The spirit of the Razak Statement 1956 should be used as a reference when it clearly states “these boys should learn the same thing through the same National Language”.

It is already agreed, there is no arbitrary compromise just for wanting to maintain its position at the international level.

If so, have countries like Japan, Germany or France failed in their aspirations for the direction and future of the country due to their obsession with their respective official languages? Don’t we want the Malay language to be followed, applied and practiced.

Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand are proud of their language because it is a reflection of their identity.

Our dignity and self -esteem is in the ability to defend and sacrifice in preserving the position of citizenship, including Malay as the language of the ‘Malaysian Family’.

The Malaysian family, which is the main agenda of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri, should strengthen the position of the Malay language by making it a platform for the unification, unity and solidarity of the Malaysian family.

The future of the Malay language depends on the extent to which we understand the concept of ‘Bela Negara’ with determination to defend what has been built so far, be proud to be a Malaysian, uphold the supremacy of the Constitution, safeguard national sovereignty, willing to sacrifice and safeguard national security and fluent in Malay. .

Malay language is still not well established. Faced with the challenges of globalization, the position of the Malay language must be raised together. It is not just the responsibility of language nationalists. It is a shared responsibility both in the family, the media, educational institutions, government ministries/agencies and leaders must celebrate the delivery of the Malay language.

It will simply remain in the Constitution if there is no sincerity. Are we honest to defend the Malay language, the sovereign language? Tuan Ibrahim’s courage must also be followed by other leaders who call themselves the ‘Malaysian Family.


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