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Student Threatens To Burn School Down After Claiming Teacher Gives Too Much Homework

Social NewsStudent Threatens To Burn School Down After Claiming Teacher Gives Too Much...

The Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR) was introduced by the Education Ministry (KPM) to keep the learning process ongoing amid the movement restrictions imposed by the government to curb the Covid-19 spread.

However, there were several challenges that both students and teacher faced and one of the most common issues being students refusing to attend their online classes.

Some had valid reasons such as having a poor network, while some of these students were just plain rude to their teachers.

Recently, a netizen Mohd Fadhli had shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation between a Standard 6 female student and a teacher, which shocked netizens.


In the conversation, the student scolded the teacher with foul language as the teacher gives her an essay for homework.

The student complained that there was too much homework to do and she is exhausted. She also threatened to burn down the school.

Source: weforum

In the comment section, Fadhli said the teacher had shared the conversation with him and added that she was shocked to receive such messages while she was checking on her students whether they are coping well with the amount of homework.

The student’s claim that there was a lot of homework was not true too as the other students said they have no problems completing the homework given.

According to the teacher, the student who sent the foul messages usually procrastinated and that was why her workload added up.

Meanwhile, Fadhli said that parents have responsibility to monitor their children’s behaviour and messages too. He added that students are also feeling burned out during this difficult time and it is important to bring back some fun in the classroom.

Source: The Sun Daily

Netizens expressed their sympathy with the teacher and were shocked by the student’s use of foul language.

Most said they felt angry when they read the messages sent by the student and one even said that if their child did that, they would want to know.

Nonetheless, some pointed out that the parents too, have responsibility in instilling good values in their children.

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