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Student Being Treated As A Punch Bag By A Group Of Bullies In A Dorm Room

Last month, the bullies that caused the death of a young Marine Cadet Officer, Zulfarhan Osman were found guilty and sentenced to prison.

However, bullying cases in the country are still on the rise, and especially so when students are required to go back to school now.

Just recently, a video of several boys treating a poor boy like a punching bag has went viral on social media. The victim in the red shirt can be seen being held by 2 other boys while another continuously punched him in the stomach.

Source: Twitter

In the video, it can also be seen that the boys took turns in punching the victim. One of them even kicked him in the buttock.

Unfortunately, the victim had no choice but to entertain the bullies by allowing him to continuously punch him.

The victim did tried putting a brave front while getting punched, but he is visibly in pain.

The time and location of the incident were not disclosed but one Twitter user shared that she actually received a message from someone who claimed to be from the Maktab (school).

The video was since then taken down by the netizen who originally shared it, but there was again shared by another netizen on Twitter.

However, the netizen was being asked to removed the video she reposted and let the Student Leadership to take further action as the anonymous wants to keep the good name of the school.

Source: Twitter

The anonymous also assured that action will be taken as soon as possible and hoped that the video will not be circulated anymore.

Nonetheless, the police have confirmed that they have received a report on this matter and investigations are being conducted.

Sad to say that it is not possible to completely eliminate bullying, but what we can do is to educate our young ones to not tolerate bullying. Voice out if you are a victim of bullying!


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