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M’sian Tuition Teacher Resigns After Making Dirty Joke About Being Students’ “Daddy”

Social NewsM'sian Tuition Teacher Resigns After Making Dirty Joke About Being Students' "Daddy"

A popular tuition teacher from the Malaysian MC Plus online tuition platform has recently resigned after receiving backlash from the public for insisting students to call him “daddy”.

Uzairi Taib is known for his entertaining teaching techniques but he has on Thursday (9 December) took to Twitter to issue a public apology and tendered his immediate resignation from the tuition platform.

This comes after dozens of people circulated a clip of him telling his students to refer him using the sexual slang. He was then being investigated by the tuition company for what was initially thought to be a “casual joke”.

In the video that went viral, Uzairi can be seen conducting a lesson on Zoom when he responded to a student’s remark about his or her father being a teacher too.

“Daddy and father are different. I am your ‘daddy,’ but your father is the one who was with you since birth.” he said in the video.

In response to the viral video, he had in a series of tweet apologised for his behaviour and said “We are supposed to be educators, but it seems this time around I am the one who have something to learn.”

“As an educator, I am fully aware of the code of ethics I must observe and of the best interest of all my students of whom I hold to the highest standard. Due to my personal negligence, what may have begun as a casual joke turns out to be something very serious.” he added.

He then sincerely apologise for picking the wrong words and had learn from this experience.

Uzairi also said he decided to take a break to reflect fully on himself after this incident went viral.

He ended his Twitter thread by saying he will be resigning from his position at MCplus online tuition.

“Therefore, I am tendering my resignation from @mcplus_my effective immediately. i am fully prepared to face the consequences as a result of this unfortunate event.”

Meanwhile, the company has also issued a statement on the matter, at the same time thanking social media users for their concern.

“Our team takes the issue seriously and investigation is underway,” it said. 

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