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PM Ismail Proudly Presents 90% Score In Overall Performance For 100-day KPI

NewsPM Ismail Proudly Presents 90% Score In Overall Performance For 100-day KPI

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakoh has proudly announced that the Cabinet ministers have scored about 90% in their overall performance in the first 100 days of the current administration.

He added that this success should inspire them to continue serve the people with greater commitment instead of becoming arrogant.

As for the report card, he said the KPI had established goals based on 6 main core areas which covered 140 key targets that it expected to meet in the 100-day period, which started on 1 September.

“The overall performance for the Cabinet in its first 100 days in service is not yet at the 100% level. However, I can declare that at the moment, our performance level is at about 90%,” he was quoted saying by FMT during the launch of the 100-Day Malaysian Family Aspiration programme yesterday (9 December).

“Achieving all the KPIs is not impossible if all members of the Cabinet, with the cooperation of civil servants, mobilise and provide the best and most effective services to the people by setting aside all the complicated bureaucracy.” he added.

On 27 August when Ismail unveiled his Cabinet, Ismail said he will give the ministers 100 days to prove themselves after taking office. This included the ministers who retained their portfolio from the previous Muhyiddin Yassin administration.

There were a total of 31 ministries and 5 agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department that were assessed based on performance, leadership and public perception.

Source: MalaysiaWorldNews

Meanwhile, he also said that the government will continue to do its best to improve its performance in the future.

“A period of 100 days is not sufficient to gauge performance. There is still room for improvement, which should be given serious attention. We will do our best for the benefit of the people.” he said.

He added that the achievement of the 100-Day Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia will not end at this point and it will be continued with a medium-term plan for another 6 months and long-term targets.

He then brought up the recent price hike issues and said the government is sensitive to the grouses of the people. He said the government had taken immediate action to control prices by introducing the scheme on maximum price control for essential items, as well as the Keluarga Malaysia Sale in every parliamentary constituency beginning 4 December.

The government has also approved an allocation of RM262 million as additional incentives to ease the pressure faced by farmers.

“Based on an analysis of the people’s sentiment towards ministers and ministries, every view and complaint of the people must be heard and taken into consideration to improve the government service and delivery system.

“This is my promise to Keluarga Malaysia.” he said.

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