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NGO Warns Mini-Mart’s Muslim Cashier To Not Process Alcohol Transactions As They Risk Being Sent To Jail

Social NewsNGO Warns Mini-Mart's Muslim Cashier To Not Process Alcohol Transactions As They...

Just as we though the issue on beer and liquor was being resolved, a man from Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) had caused a stir on social media as he condemns mini-mart owners to force their Muslim employees to deal with alcohol.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Bilal Jailani said he was queuing up to settle his bill at a supermarket in Bangi, he noticed a foreigner standing behind him holding 6 cans of beer.

While it was his turn to pay, he questioned the cashier, who is a Muslim, if she is allowed to check out the foreigner’s order, to which the cashier said “If possible, I wouldn’t want to be involved.”

Bilai responded by saying “Dealing with alcohol is a crime under the Syariah laws and you can be jailed for 3 years if convicted. You cannot proceed with this transaction.”

Source: Facebook

“If you do it, I’ll record and lodge a police report” he told the cashier.

Bilai then turned to the foreigner and tell him that he can buy the beer, but the cashier was unable to check out his order as it is against the Shariah law. The foreigner then insisted that the beer he was buying was not for himself but for someone else.

After the commotion, a male staff appeared and tell Bilai that the cashier had to carry out her duties although it involved alcohol.

Source: Madison

“But I told him that no employer can compel their workers to do something that’s against the law, no matter the circumstances.” Bilai countered him.

“Not long after, I spoke to the store manager and he agreed to put the transaction on hold and file a report to the upper management as they had the final say. As I turned to look for the foreigner, he had disappeared.” he said.

Bilai added that this is the fourth time he had successfully advised Muslim cashiers to not process orders involving alcohol.

“I told the cashier and the male staff that I didn’t mean to make things difficult for them. All I wanted to do was to protect them and prevent them from going to jail.”

Source: Malay Mail

He also offered to organise a protest on their behalf to ban the sale of alcohol at the mini-mart so they can do their job with ease.

There were a mixed response from netizens towards this issue, where some pointed out that the religion prohibits its followers to deal with alcohol at all levels which included creation, processing, distribution to consumption.

On the other hand, given that many restrictions on Muslims, some suggested to just hire the non-Muslims to do the work.

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