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Najib Went From “Malu Apa Bossku” To “Kemaluan Negara”

NewsNajib Went From "Malu Apa Bossku" To "Kemaluan Negara"

Yesterday (8 December), the Court of Appeal has dismissed the former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s appeal against his guilty verdict by the Kuala Lumpur High Court, saying that his actions are a “national embarrassment”.

The remarks then give birth to a witty and suggestive social media hashtag #KemaluanNegara. It can be translates to #NationalEmbarassment and both of these hashtags have be trending on Twitter after the court upheld Najib’s guilty conviction.

Meanwhile, the word ‘kemaluan’ is a homonym which can either mean humiliation or embarrassment, or refer to a person’s genitals.

It is not sure who started this trending topic but netizens are now celebrating over the remarks that labelled the former prime minister as a national embarassment.

Source: CNA

A netizen also pointed out that this could be the new slogan for the former Prime Minister and it coincidently counters Najib’s famous ‘malu apa bossku?’ (why be embarrassed, boss?) slogan.

“I like to think that the judge has been holding back the #NationalEmbarrassment / #KemaluanNegara remark as a response to ‘malu apa bossku’ for this very day, for this very moment.” another netizen commented.

“So @NajibRazak went from #MaluApaBossku to #KemaluanNegara.” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, the controversial graphic designer and satirical artist Fahmi Reza Mohd Zarin had took the opportunity to roll out his 5 new artworks inspired by Najib’s verdict, with the latest one featuring ‘kemaluan negara’ written in Jawi script. 

Yesterday (8 December), the 3-member Court of Appeal has unanimously decided that there were no errors in findings by high court judge Nazlan Ghazali, given that the prosecution has proven elements of the offences beyond a reasonable doubt.

Among the significant rulings made by the Court of Appeal include that the trial judge had correctly found that Najib had been the shadow director of SRC International.

The Court of Appeal judge Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil also referred to the letters supporting arguments that the money received was actually donations by the Saudi royal family, adding that the evidence showed the funds came from SRC International and ended up in Najib’s personal account.

Source: The Star

“If they were indeed donations, there was no reason for them to be deposited into SRC International accounts.” Karim said.

He pointed out that Najib’s actions on the RM4 billion loan to SRC International were not for national interest but for personal benefit.

Karim then turned to Najib and said “there is no national interest here, just a national embarrassment”.

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