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“Make Malay Culture & Customs A Subject In School!” M’sian Politician Demands

News"Make Malay Culture & Customs A Subject In School!" M'sian Politician Demands

The debate on the use of our national language continues.

The Dewan Negara president Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim has urge the government to make the Malay customary and cultural practices an academic subject in schools and higher learning institutions.

He added that this to ensure the people of Malaysia to assimilate these practices and to augment their own civilisation.

Source: FMT

“The thing that has been forgotten for decades is the part on practising Malay customs while we have been busy administering the country.”

“I suggest that the government pay attention to this matter to ensure that Malay cultural values are not lost, especially among the younger generation.”

He was quoted saying by Bernama to the media after attending the attending the anti-corruption colloquium on ‘Adat Pepatih Encompasses Living A Life of Integrity’ on Tuesday (7 December), wit the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner, Tan Sri Azam Baki present.

Rais also suggested the government and the Attorney-General to give appropriate attention on this matter, including advising the Prime Minister on it.

Nonetheless, he also admits that the usage of the English language is important in certain matters and situations, but this do not mean that Bahasa Melayu can be sidelined.

“English is very important and should be used professionally but the national language, which is Bahasa Melayu, must not be sidelined.” he said.

Meanwhile the colloquium was jointly organised by the Negeri Sembilan Department of Culture and Arts and MACC and was aimed at inculcating good values through the Adat Perpatih (Minangkabau customary laws) in fighting corruption, with the hope that the message be delivered more effectively.

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