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Netizen Shocked To Find Out GrabFood Rider As A Famous Local Singer

Social NewsNetizen Shocked To Find Out GrabFood Rider As A Famous Local Singer

The long-overdue movement restrictions has affected so many people in many ways and the most common we hear is loss of employment.

Things were particularly bad in the entertainment industry and most celebrities and stars have sought to look for other jobs in order to survive.

Recently, a netizen was shocked to find a local Malaysian celebrity now working as a GrabFood rider.

According to Gempak, the netizen then recognises that the person who delivered his meal as Kefli Idir, a contestant of the third season of reality show “Akademi Fantasia”.

Source: Komedi Media

The netizen said “At that time, I was ordering my food as usual. Then, I saw Kefli’s name and face displayed on the app.”

“As a loyal fan of ‘Akademi Fantasia’, of course I was shocked. When I wanted to place the order, I was convinced that it was Kefli, based on his voice.”

“He informed me that he left the drink that I ordered at the store and apologised to me several times, and I said, that it is okay.” he said.

Source: Gempak

Kefli also suggested that the netizen lodge a report to Grab if he is not happy about the incident, but the netizen did not have the heart to do so and let it slip.

“Everyone has their own struggles, and Kefli’s just trying to make an honest living. I hope he will be able to make his comeback to the local entertainment scene and pursue his career as an actor and also as a singer.” the netizen said.

Meanwhile, the story had caught Kefli’s attention and he has took to Instagram to confirm that he is indeed working as a GrabFood rider.

In his Instagram post, he said “Apart from managing my food store at Sri Rampai, I am indeed working as a GrabFood delivery rider.”

“I would like to offer my gratitude for everyone who has offered me support as well as pass me some encouraging words. In regards to my work in the entertainment industry, if I get the opportunity, I will come back.” he said.

Source: Instagram

Kefli also urge the people to not raise any questions in regards to his work, as long as the work is halal (legal).

According to Gempak, Kefli (full name Mohd. Zulkefli Mohd. Idir) was a fan favourite during his time in the competition. However, he was eliminated in the 9th week, just a week prior to the grand finale.

After his stint in the phenomenal reality TV show, the former singer then ventured into acting and had appeared in a number of Malay dramas, namely “Berek” and “Impian Laili”.

Kefli is certainly moving forward and working hard to survive. We hope that you will achieve your dreams and hopefully, we’ll be able to witness his comeback to the entertainment scene.

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