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“This Is An Exploitation!” Netizen Outrage Over RM450 Rent For Room In Chow Kit

The cost of living in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is generally higher than most parts of Malaysia, given that it is the prime location in the country and the place where most businesses are conducted.

However, for many who are living in the city, they were paid only the minimum wage of RM1,200 and they would have to make ends meet with only this much they can earn.

Nonetheless, a netizen @hasyudeen has recently pointed out that the exorbitant rental demanded by property owners for a room in Chow Kit.

According to him, the rental of room in Chow Kit can be up to RM450 and what’s more is that it appears that the room will be partitioned to only fit the size of a bed.

“This is an exploitation!” he tweeted.

It is also believed that the rent does not cover utility bills and the tenant are expected to pay the bills on his own.

In the comment section, netizens related the current situation to Hong Kong, where people are forced to stay in micro-apartments.

While we may not be exactly there yet, many believed that we would find ourselves in such situation if nothing has been done to correct this.

Meanwhile, a netizen said it is all part of capitalism and as there are demand for such room rental in Chow Kit, the landlord would be able to exploit them by demanding a higher rental.

Interestingly, another netizen pointed out that we need a true and competent policy maker to tout such negative norms stemming in our community.

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