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M’sian Teen Got Shocked To Death After Visiting Haunted House With Friends

NewsM'sian Teen Got Shocked To Death After Visiting Haunted House With Friends

A Malaysian teenager has tragically passed away after visiting a ‘haunted house’ attraction in Bentong, Pahang during a vacation with a friend’s family last Wednesday (1 December).

According to Kosmo, the 16 year-old teenager tag along his friends to a nearby ‘haunted house’, but had suddenly fell and lost conscious after being shocked.

The incident was captured in an almost 3-minute long video and it has since then gone viral on Facebook.

In the viral video, it can be seen the teen was being overwhelmed by just being in the spooky house, with his friends telling him to take deep breaths before he passed out unconscious.

After realising that something was not right, they carry him out of the haunted house to an open space and a woman from the group shouted “Tolong, tolong, ada orang pengsan¬†(Help, help, someone has fainted).”

Source: Facebook

A man can be seen checking the teen’s pulse once they exited the ‘haunted house’.

Unfortunately, the teenager did not recovered and passed soon after. The autopsy also found that the boy had a perforated heart, which is a condition of the heart present from birth that can result in issues with blood flow, heart rate, breathing, fatigue, and other related issues.

The Bentong police chief Superintendant Zaiham Mohd Kahar said the case has been classified as sudden death and the victim’s body has been sent to his residence in Melaka.

It is also not known what exactly the teenager saw or what caused his sudden heart attack. Nonetheless, the coroner’s reports suggests that is is probably due to the stress and excitement of the moment that sadly became too much for his heart to handle.

Hence, this incident serves as a reminder for those with known heart issues to be mindful of their surroundings and circumstances. There had been many reported cases whereby individuals succumb to sudden shocks and scares, leading to heart failures, stroke, or even death in this case.

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