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Residents Of Kampung Baru In KL Were Chased Out Of Their Homes To Facilitate Development Projects

NewsResidents Of Kampung Baru In KL Were Chased Out Of Their Homes...

The official name of Kampung Baru is Malay Agricultural Settlement (MAS) and it is a gift for the first settlers of the land. However, the area wasn’t being developed due to their descendant weren’t able to come to an agreement with the government on how best to realise the value of their land.

Some were of the opinion that it is best to modernize the area, while some prefer to preserve it as part of the history of the first settlers.

The recent developments being the residents of Kampung Baru were requested to move out of their homes, with a compensation paid by the developer.

Nonetheless, many residents were not happy about it and claimed the compensation given by the developer was too low.

Voicing out for the residents in Kampung Baru, a Twitter user @nadialipah, who was a resident of Kampung Baru herself, share the story behind the entire saga.

According to Nadia, the developer had in July 2021 issued a notice under Section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act 1960 to the residents in Kampung Baru, forcing all of them to leave their homes here with a small compensation.

Two months later in October 2021, the residents were required to attend court hearing as there was a dispute between the developer and the residents regarding the issue.

She added that most residents in the area are senior citizens and forcing them to attend court hearing when the Covid-19 pandemic is just too much for them.

In addition, the notices were handled over to the residents in a rude manner, where they were only stapled on the walls of their house.

Nadia said the residents had appointed their own professional valuers to appraise the value of their property and land. However, the professional valuers informed them that there is only a slim chance for them to get what they want as it has been gazetted under Section 8 of Land Acquisition Act 1960.

In November 2021, after the second court hearing, almost all the residents had voiced out their dissatisfaction over the compensation they were paid.

Nadia added that the residents felt being cheated by the government and the developer and are utterly disappointed in them.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Gazette reported that residents living in Sungai Baru Flats were only offered between RM200,000 to RM250,000 as compensation, while those living in terrace houses were offered RM400,000 to RM500,000.

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