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Mask Up Even Though You Are Overseas, Khairy Urges Malaysians To Avoid Being Complacent

The Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin had went on his social media accounts to remind Malaysians who are currently overseas or planning to travel abroad to stay vigilant against the Covid-19 virus.

Khairy said that despite the policies from other countries are more lax and allowed its citizens to not wear a mask, Malaysians should continue to wear one when they are going out as if they are in Malaysia.

He then urged Malaysians to not follow the “lackadaisical attitude” the UK has towards mask wearing.

“Malaysians going to countries like the UK should not follow the UK’s lackadaisical attitude towards mask wearing. Mask up like you’re in Malaysia.” he wrote in his tweet.

Nonetheless, the tweet seems to be something out of the blue, and Khairy had put a bit more context behind his statement on his Instagram account.

Apparently, Khairy had noticed a number of Malaysians that posted photos of themselves in London on their Instagram accounts without a mask.

“Yes I’m looking at all you Malaysians posting your London picture on IG with no SOP.” he wrote in his Instagram story.

Source: Instagram

He then took a shot at the United Kingdom again by saying “Jangan ikut perangai depa.” which is colloquial Bahasa Malaysia for “Do not follow their attitude.”

With the new Omicron-variant spreading like wildfire across the globe, it is best for us to stay vigilant and practice the SOPs even though it is not required in countries that we are in.

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