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Netizen Claims “Guarantee Pass” Driving Licence Still Exists In Malaysia

NewsNetizen Claims "Guarantee Pass" Driving Licence Still Exists In Malaysia

Corruption is nothing new in Malaysia and most of us are aware of its existence. However, people seldom stand up against it as most are of the opinion that it benefit both parties involved, i.e. both the person who is giving and receiving.

Recently, a brave netizen has took to TikTok to point out that “guarantee pass” driving licences actually still exists in Malaysia and the parties involved are even advertising their “services” on the social media.

He said it was ironic that how such illegal practices were able to be advertised on the social media without any consequences.

Source: CarSifu

The netizen then stressed that what they had revealed are based on evidence they had gathered and are true.

He added that this “guarantee pass” driving licence activity involved many JPJ officers who were directly involved and they had accepted bribes to allow their “customers” to pass the driving test despite failing to meet the standards.

He also said that he and his team had exposed many such incidents on social media several times since 2014, but there these corrupted activities still a widespread and these syndicates had become more daring recently.

Since then, the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) were reported to have conducted an investigations on its officers who were involved in such corrupted acts.

According to Berita Harian, JPJ had in a statement said it will take seriously the allegations made by the netizen on social media where he claimed its officers had been selling “guarantee pass” driving tests.

“JPJ takes this incident seriously and an immediate investigation will be done with the cooperation of the MACC. JPJ will call the netizen involved to get further statements and assist the department’s investigation.” it said.

It added that the department will not compromise with any form of misconduct involving its employees.

“Until now, a series of investigations by MACC have been carried out as reported by the media, for example in 2018.” it said.

Nonetheless, the netizen also pointed out that such activities should not be tolerated as it could led to more accidents on the road, as well as causing innocent lives to be lost.

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