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Education Ministry Reassures Covid-19 Infection In Schools Under Control

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The Education Ministry have been detecting clusters of Covid-19 infection among students following the opening of the face-to-face school sessions for states under Phase Four of the National Recovery Plan (PPN).

However, he said the situation is under control as there are more than 10,000 schools nationwide.

“Generally, in the current situation where we are in the transition to the endemic phase, we know that this virus is all around us.”

“Thank god, the standard operating procedures (SOPs) are effective and work well.” he said in a press conference, reported Bernama.

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He said this in response to the current situation at Sekolah Seri Puteri, a boarding school in Cyberjaya, which was ordered to closed temporarily after 135 new Covid-19 positive cases involving its students and staff were detected.

Previously, it was also reported that 24 students from Maktab Mahmud Sik were tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday (3 December) after showing symptoms since 28 November.

Apart from three teachers from Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Pendang, those who were also tested positive for the virus and were ordered to undergo home surveillance order (HSO).

Source: Malay Mail

Radzi said the cause of the infection at the respective schools are still under investigation by the respective District Health Offices.

“In the context of these schools, we are very meticulous about hostels…very detailed SOPs are implemented because the risk is when there is a case, the potential for infection is there.”

“In hostels, the risk of spreading is higher than in day schools, because in dormitories they are there all day, sitting together with friends without wearing the face mask. We will continue to monitor to ensure that the situation is orderly and safe for students.” he said.

Nonetheless, Radzi said he is glad that most of the students infected by Covid-19 had completed their vaccination and were with in category one (asymptomatic) and category 2A with mild symptoms.

“So for students who have not yet received the vaccine, but are eligible for it, I appeal to the parents to bring their children for the vaccination for the safety of their own children.”

Source: Malay Mail

“This also goes for teachers who have not received the vaccination yet.” he said.

Meanwhile, Radzi said the Ministry will take stern action against school management who tried to conceal positive Covid-19 case involving its teachers and students.

He stressed that schools are required to report immediately on positive Covid-19 cases involving their students or staff.

Apart from that, Radzi said the ministry was now focusing on resolving several key issues, including to ensure that the opening of schools could be implemented safely and in an orderly manner, as well as to improve the educational infrastructure.

“We want to focus on making sure that our children can study in a conducive environment.” he said.

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