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Tesla introduces the Cyberquad for Kids

So after launching the Cyberwhistle collectible earlier this week, Tesla are continuing down the path of Cybertruck-related products that aren’t actually the Cybertruck.

If you remember the 2019 Cybertruck announcement, Elon Musk did a Steve Jobs-inspired ‘one more thing’ announcement and also revealed the Cyberquad ATV. Well, Tesla have sorta, kinda launched it, except it’s perhaps a little smaller and is meant more for kids. Meet the Cyberquad for Kids.

Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer at Tesla showed off the smaller ATVs in a tweet and the Cyberquad for Kids is also already up on the Tesla website. According to its product listing, it’s inspired by their ‘iconic Cybertruck design’, and features a full steel frame with a cushioned seat and adjustable suspension.

Besides, there’s also rear disk braking and LED light bars too. The 36V lithium-ion battery provides up to just over 24km of range and takes up to 5 hours to fully charge. Built in collaboration with the toy company Radio Flyer, you’ll find ‘rugged air tires’ on the Cyberquad for Kids allowing for your child to drive off-road, with bigger 16-inch tires on the front for easier control and wider 14-inch rear tires for better traction.

As for performance, the Cyberquad for Kids can be configured to run at top speeds of either 8km/h or 16km/h; you can also drive in reverse at a maximum of 8km/h too. Tesla also notes that the Cyberquad for Kids would ideally only be suitable for those aged eight and above while weighing at a maximum of 68kg. It’ll come in a box and you’ll have to assemble it yourself.

The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is priced at USD1,900 (~RM8,050.30), and will only start shipping in two to four weeks. At time of writing though, it’s been quickly snapped up and is already out of stock. You can find out more about the Cyberquad for Kids on both the Tesla and Radio Flyer website.


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