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PM Ismail Announces Malaysia Batik Day And It Coincides With World Disability Day

NewsPM Ismail Announces Malaysia Batik Day And It Coincides With World Disability...

On Wednesday (1 December), Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob declared that 3 December will be known as Hari Batik Malaysia.

The announcement was made on Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) and the Prime Minister said he hopes that this special day will encourage the multiracial rakyat to unite and wear the Malaysian batik with pride, in line with the Keluarga Malaysia theme.

“I believe that the declaration of Hari Batik Malaysia can also be the catalyst to strengthen the local batik craft industry and the batik production chain.” he said.

Source: The Sun Daily

Ismail said the date was chosen as a tribute to Endon Mahmood for her efforts to introduce batik to the world.

On 3 December 2003, Endon had showcased our local batik designs in Europe and succeeded in bringing batik to the world stage.

Source: Jadi Batek

However, netizens on Twitter were not pleased with the announcement as 3 December is also the International Day of Disabled Persons, or also known as the World Disability Day.

A netizen claimed that celebrating the Malaysia Batik Day on the same day marginalises the local disabled community even more.

She added that she understands batik is part of the Malaysian culture but suggests that we could choose another date for Batik Day, with respect for the disabled community.

On the other hand, there were netizens who said the initiative is “useless” and “pointless”, as they brought up the recent price hike issue and that the government lacks the political will to address the issue of rising food prices.

Meanwhile, there were also debates about the origins of batik. Despite originating from Indonesia, there were different variants found in other parts of parts of Southeast Asia including Malaysia.

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