Saturday, March 25, 2023

“Ibu Imran Sudah Mati” Single Mother Leaves Detailed Instruction For Doctor

Social News"Ibu Imran Sudah Mati" Single Mother Leaves Detailed Instruction For Doctor

It is difficult for us to part ways with our loved ones, especially knowing that it would be the last time we will be seeing them.

Handling the burial preparations is not a simple task too and it would definitely be easier if there are other family members, relatives or kind neighbours around to help.

A Malay Muslim mother reading a book with her son on a verandah of a Malay traditional house.

Recently, a thoughtful mother had left a detailed instruction for the doctor to help manage her burial as she knows it was nearly time for her to go.

The poor single mother scribbled on a note telling the doctor in charge that day to help shroud her body with cloth in the event she passed away.

She also said that she does not have other family members left, except for her disabled son Imran, who is mute.

In the note, she also requested the doctor not to cover her face so that her son can see her for the last time and to tell him that she was not able to make it.

She had also left the phone numbers of several people for the doctor to call and inform them of her passing.

It was a saddening story and netizens felt sorry for the family and said the mother’s immense love for her son until her last breath.

Netizens also hoped for the best for the deceased and her only child.

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