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“Anak China Makan Tea” Teacher Disappointed With Her Students For Answer During Exam

Source: Facebook

Being an educator, one of the few satisfying achievements is to be able to see their students pass their exams with flying colours and thus move on to do better things in life.

However, a teacher from Kedah, Nurzuhaili has recently took to Facebook to share a photo of an exam paper from one of her students, at the same time expressing her disdain over the “answer” given by the student on the sheet.

“While invigilating the students who were sitting for their exams, I spent some time marking the Form 3 English paper essay questions yesterday. A lot of them left the essay question blank. Some of them even apologised for not being able to answer.” Nurzuhaili said.

Source: TheStar

She added that there were some who copied back the whole question and some copied other passages.

Meanwhile, this sample answer catches her attention the most and she was even stunned for a moment after she sees this.

As seen in the photo shared in the Facebook post, the student even wrote the viral TikTok phrase, “Mana-mana rancak berdosa” in their answer sheet, among several other rude and inappropriate words.

In the comment section, most netizens had criticised the student for his disrespectful act.

Some also pointed out that this could be a result of exposure of social media and gadgets to the current generation. Netizens believe that the younger generation these days are addicted to the usage of social media platforms, which cause them to have neglected their studies.

Meanwhile, one netizen said it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their children and to put a limit to how long they can use their gadgets.

“Instead of attending online classes, some of them often waste their time playing games, TikTok and so on.” the netizen said.

What do you think about our younger generation these days? Share your thoughts!

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