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Restaurant In Bangsar Allegedly Rips Off Customer By Serving Crab And Briyani Separately

Social NewsRestaurant In Bangsar Allegedly Rips Off Customer By Serving Crab And Briyani...

There had been a series of complaints on restaurant bills recently, and this restaurant from Bangsar is the next on the list.

A Twitter user @LOLSuren, going by the name of Idris Halba had took to Twitter to share his unpleasant experience at a banana leaf restaurant in Bangsar.

In the series of tweet, Idris said he and his wife had ordered a crab briyani at this restaurant and while the waiter was taking their order, he suggested that the crab to be served separately as it would be easier to eat.

Without any doubt, the couple took the waiter’s advice and had agreed for their crab briyani to be served separated.

It was all good until they were settling their bill at the counter, where they found 2 items on their bill, namely one order of egg briyani at RM7 and one separate order of crab curry at RM30.

They pointed out that this wasn’t what they ordered and told the cashier they only ordered crab briyani. After checking with the waiter, the restaurant gave in and reprinted their bill.

However, this time they were in for a second shock when the second bill showed the price of the crab briyani was RM35.

Source: Twitter

Idris said the price displayed on the printed menu clearly showed crab briyani at RM25 and the restaurant had simply tacked on an additional RM10 to the couple’s bill without explanation.

Idris then explained that the price on the menu showed RM25 but the restaurant operator insists that it is RM35 and admitted that it had now went up.

The couple finally paid and left the restaurant as there was a large queue building up.

“We went because a good friend recommended and we kept seeing long queue whenever we passed by.” Idris said.

Idris added that his entire experience at the restaurant was disappointing as they were being ripped off. However, he did said the food there was delicious and it would be a splendid breakfast otherwise.

After the incident, Idris decided a lodge an official complaint with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection (KPDNHEP).

In the same day, the ministry has responded to Idris’s complaint and requested him to provide more details such as the restaurant’s address and will investigate into the matter.

Meanwhile, if you have faced similar situation, you can lodge a report to the Ministry through their website here.

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