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M’sians Furious Over SJKC Signboards In Only Malay and Jawi

NewsM'sians Furious Over SJKC Signboards In Only Malay and Jawi

Last week, a massive outrage sparked among Malaysians after it was reported that 2 Chinese primary school in Pahang were given a school signboard with no Chinese words on it.

The 2 primary schools involved were SJKC Yoke Hwa in Pekan and SJKC Kee Wha in Nenasi, and it led to a heated debate in the Chinese community.

According to Oriental Daily, the school authorities were notified by the District Education Office in early November this year that they would be replacing their school signboard with new ones.

However, they were shocked after they realised the new signboards did not have Chinese wordings, but only Malay and Jawi.

Source: Oriental Daily
Source: Oriental Daily

Apart from these 2 primary schools, it is reported that 5 other Chinese primary schools in Kuantan were also informed that their new school signboards would be replaced on 27 November.

In an interview with Oriental Daily, Pahang Chinese School Committees Association Chairman Lim Chin Chee said he was grateful to the Education Department for placing the new school signboard.

However, they do not agree, nor accept that the new signboards are without Chinese wordings and explained that these are Chinese primary schools and it is incorrect and unjustifiable that the school signboard does not have Chinese wordings.

Source: MalaysiaKini

He also said that the fact that only the national and Jawi languages are there will make people mistook it for a national primary school.

Lim stressed that they do not object that Jawi language is being included in the school’s signboard, but being a Chinese primary school, how could it not have a Chinese name?

Nonetheless, it is said that the 51 fully-aided SJKC primary schools in Pahang have been notified of the change of school signboards.

Lim then said the association will continue to oppose the change, as this is an unacceptable move that could spread to the entire state of Pahang and even the country.

Source: MCA

Deputy Education Minister’s response

The Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said he has consulted the State Education Department and they agree to let the contractor redesign the new school signboard.

He also suggested that the State Education Department to include the Tamil name in Tamil primary school signboards, similar to the Chinese name for Chinese primary schools.

“The State Education Department director agreed with this view and will let the contractor develop a new signboard to reflect our multi-cultural and multi-lingual character.” he said.

Unity Minister’s response

When being asked about the issue at the launching of the National Unity Action Plan, National Unity Minister Datuk Halimah Sadique had refused to comment on the matter.

“On the basis that this involves the Ministry of Education, I think that one should ask the Ministry of Education and to a lesser extent the (Pahang) state government.” she said, adding that Malay is the official language of the country.

Multiracialism and cultural diversity is what makes Malaysia special and we should all preserve this cultural diversity.

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