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M’sians Amused By Netizen’s TnG Watch That Allows Her To Pay At Toll Plazas

Social NewsM'sians Amused By Netizen's TnG Watch That Allows Her To Pay At...

SmartTAG and RFID surely is more convenient option for us to make payments at toll plazas, but it will never be as cool as this watch that works as a Touch ‘n Go (TnG) card!

Recently, a netizen @fatinrehanna had share a video on TikTok showing off her one-of-a-kind watch that allows her to make TnG payments at a toll plaza.

The 10-second video went viral on TikTok with many being amused by her watch, especially among the younger users. Some even claimed that Fatin fabricated the video for content only.


Selalu pegi topup touch n go mesti kena sound , “ni jam dik bukan kad touch n go “ 😂

♬ bunyi asal – Mhd Aizzat – AizzatFromYT

On the other hand, there were many knew about this watch from TnG and they had helped Fatin to explain it in the comment section.

Meanwhile, Fatin had posted another video on TikTok to prove her TnG watch actually works and her previous videos are not something that she fabricated.


Reply to @driftereone dah boleh percaya ke skrg ni ? Hehe senang utk org yg selalu naik public transport jugak ✌🏻

♬ original sound – fatinrehanna – fatinrehanna

In this video, she had went to a petrol station to top up her watch with RM10 and subsequently purchase something at Watsons with her watch. According to Fatin, the there is no difference between a TnG watch and a TnG card, except that it’s much more cooler to pay with a watch, and it shows the time.

For those who are still wondering, the watch was first released by Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd back in 2016 and it is known as the “Touch n’ Go Time Traveler Watch”.

The watch aims to make it convenient for its users to make payment at any stores, public transport, car parks, as well as toll plazas.

Source: Facebook

The Time Traveller watch itself is a normal watch, but it is built with a sensor in the bezel with a special slot for the Touch ‘N Go chip which can be loaded with a value of RM10 to RM1,500.

However, due to the poor response from the public, TnG has stopped production of the watch and it is arguably one of the rare items to see today.

If you are still keeping one of these, it’s your time to walk around and show it off!

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