Sunday, November 27, 2022

Film Wallet Launches Malaysia’s First Online Cinema, Offering Movies Without The Need Of Subscription Plans!

Social NewsFilm Wallet Launches Malaysia's First Online Cinema, Offering Movies Without The Need...

Film Wallet Premium Video-On-Demand (Film Wallet PVOD) has recently launched Malaysia’s first online cinema service.

According to Film Wallet PVOD, the streaming service will revolutionise and elevate consumer’s movie-going experience in a safer and comfortable environment.

Founder and chief executive officer of Film Wallet PVOD, Jack Yeoh said Film Wallet PVOD offers hundreds of on-demand content from all over the world including the United States, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Europe.

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What’s different about Film Wallet PVOD is that its users do not need to commit to any subscription package and they only need to purchase the movie individually.

The movies listed on their platform are prices as low as RM1.90 and users will be able to watch a film and re-watch it multiple times within the given time period.

This then makes Film Wallet PVOD a more affordable and convenient option for users to catch movies in high definition anywhere, anytime.

Speaking at the launch event held at GSC’s BIG Hall in Tropicana Gardens Mall, Jack said the establishment of Film Wallet PVOD does not only provide users an option to not pay a monthly subscription, but also an initiative to boost the film industry in Malaysia.

“Film Wallet was formed during the rise of digital technology, to offer media consumption solutions to the everyday consumer. Our company was founded during the pandemic in 2020, a time where the world recorded the highest growth in digital transformation and technology, while everyone was forced to quarantine in their homes.”

“The entertainment industry specifically, suffered drastically from the pandemic, hence, my partners and I came up with the idea of a virtual/online cinema to revolutionise the user experience by creating a new trend for viewers who were previously fond of cinema.”

“With Film Wallet PVOD, everyone can now watch the latest movies in HD quality, at affordable prices. At the same time, we are cultivating a vision to assist and revitalise the film industry in Malaysia, as we work towards becoming a new avenue for second window movies and expand our platform to Southeast Asian countries in stages.” he said according to NST.

Source: Harian Metro

Also present was the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) CEO, Prof Dr Md Nasir Ibrahim and he said he is optimistic that the new platform will bring positive effect to the film industry ecosystem.

Film Wallet PVOD is currently working with locals as well as international film producers and distributors to produce exclusive contents. It will also be launching the platform in 2 other countries in South-East Asia in February 2022.

Meanwhile, users can expect more local and international distributors to be revealed in the following months to come, further increasing the number of exclusive content on the platform.

Visit their official website for more information at the link here!

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