Friday, December 9, 2022

Woman Got Scammed After Revealing Nickname On Instagram’s “Add Yours” Feature

Social NewsWoman Got Scammed After Revealing Nickname On Instagram’s "Add Yours" Feature

Many of you may have already noticed the new “Add yours” feature on Instagram, where users can share pictures and also insert texts based on any prompts.

However, who would have thought it would become a tool for scammers to collect information about their victims.

Recently, a netizen @ditamoechtar_ had on Twitter shared the painful lesson her friend learnt after she revealed his nickname to a stranger as she participated in the trend on Instagram.

Dita said that her friend called her crying saying that she was allegedly scammed.

“What made my friend believe the person was because they called her ‘Pim’. ‘Pim’ is a nickname that only her childhood friends or close friends know. But then she remembered that she participated in the trend.” Dita tweeted.

Apparently, the friend had received a random call from another “friend” asking to transfer some money, and she did it because she believed it was her “actual friend” making the request after hearing them call her by her nickname.

Dita’s tweet went viral and has garnered over 39,900 retweets and 100,000 likes at the time of writing.

Despite the “Add yours” feature being trending right now, you are advised to exercise caution when participating the trend. Some “Add yours” asks for the most detailed personal information such as the user’s address and signature.

Surprisingly, there are users who actually participate and give out their information without a second thought.

Meanwhile, netizens in the comment section also advised to not expose your personal information on social media. It may look like something trivial, but there are people out there who made use of these information for their own likings.

This method is called social engineering, where it involves psychological tricks to convince users to make security errors or leak sensitive information that is commonly carried out through human interaction. In this case, the perpetrator made use of the current trend.

As a reminder to all, think twice when you are sharing your personal information.

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