Saturday, March 25, 2023

Mufti Explains That TV Boxes Are Haram As It Promotes Piracy

Social NewsMufti Explains That TV Boxes Are Haram As It Promotes Piracy

TV boxes or Android boxes are one of the items that have become popular among households in recent years.

They allow us to stream movies and shows from all countries on our TV screens, instead of streaming it through laptops and phones.

While TV Boxes have bring much entertainment to our lives, the Federal Office of Mufti claims that it is haram (forbidden) if misused.

“To access to paid channels and the copyrights of others by misusing the Android box is haram as it is considered violating the others.” said the Federal Office of Mufti, according to Harakah Daily.

Meanwhile, Astro Awani reported that its misuse is haram because some users of the Android Box can access the paid channels without actually subscribing and paying for them and this causes huge loss to the actual broadcasting channel.

The Office of Mufti also attributed the act with stealing from others.

“This is similar in taking away the rights of others in a cruel way, which is unfair to the broadcasting channels and any related parties.”

Meanwhile, if users are only watching the free channels without infringing the rights of any other parties, then the purchase and usage of TV boxes are permissible and it is in line with the terms and conditions of purchasing in Islam.

Nonetheless, Astro Malaysia said they would welcome any actions taken against the illegal streaming with TV boxes.

They added that they will continue to co-operate with the authorities to urge the people that piracy is illegal as it involves stealing the content without the party’s consent.

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