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“Make 1MDB A National Heritage!” Opposition MP Suggested Given Its Popularity On International Stage

News"Make 1MDB A National Heritage!" Opposition MP Suggested Given Its Popularity On...

The Sepang Member of Parliament (MP) Mohamed Hanipa Maidin has suggested the government to make a 1MDB building a heritage site to attract tourists to visit Malaysia.

He said this while debating on Budget 2022 at the committee stage yesterday (25 November), as he touches on the issue of “national heritage sites”.

Hanipa acknowledges Malaysia’s popularity on the world stage but suggested that the nation’s fame may not come from something positive.

Source: The Star

He also said that when determining new heritage sites, one must consider whether the place is able to attract tourists, and this may depend on Malaysia’s popularity on the world stage.

Hanipa then pointed out that even Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj made a series on Netflix on the misappropriation of 1MDB funds.

“Since 1MDB has made Malaysia popular, perhaps we can have a nice 1MDB building to be made as a heritage site to attract tourists.”

“Also, maybe we can give a title to the honourable Pekan, as Malaysia’s kleptocracy icon who pushed our country into the limelight.” Hanipa said.

However, Pasir Salak MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman appeared to be annoyed by Hanipa’s remarks and he slammed Hanipa straight in the face.

“What kind of brains do you have? You don’t seem to be thinking correctly. I think you have a mental illness.” Tajuddin said.

Hanipa then retaliated by questioning Tajuddin’s supposed appointment as ambassador to Indonesia.

“How can the country appoint the honourable Pasir Salak as an ambassador to Indonesia? “

“He’s a failure.” Hanipa replied to Tajuddin.

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