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M’sian Blogger Writes About Struggles Many Under 30 Face And Was Spot On!

Social NewsM'sian Blogger Writes About Struggles Many Under 30 Face And Was Spot...

For those who are below 30 year-old and are still struggling with your personal achievements, as well as life goals, you are not alone.

Recently, a finance and lifestyle blogger Yi Xuan, who runs a blog called “No Money Lah“, has wrote about his personal struggles, highlighting that he will be 30 year-old soon but is still figuring out about his life.

In his Facebook post, he shared that life goals have changed in some ways between generations.

“Isn’t it crazy that at this age, many of our parents were already getting married, more so bringing us to this world? On the flip side, today, many of us are still struggling to get a hold of ourselves in our late 20s.”

“Forget getting married or buying a house by 30. I am blessed if I can take care of myself already!” he said.

He then revealed some of his deepest struggles as he turns 30 year-old.

“For the longest of time, I find it extremely hard to express my fears and worries in words. Why? Because by the norms, the age ’30’ is such a unique milestone of life.”

“Getting married. Buying your first property. Being financially stable and well-paid. Having all the answers.”

“Be it from the norms, social media, or ourselves, I am sure many of us are carrying some form of expectations as we transition towards 30.” he wrote.

Though it may not be the same for everybody, Yi Xuan is writing to share some of his fear that others might be dealing with too. The very first fear being that he feels like he is missing out in life.

He said that many of his peers are busy getting married, buying a house/car and etc, he wonders why he is being single and not achieving anything significant in life so far.

“I have never felt so uncertain before. What if I picked the wrong career path? What if I fail in my pursuit, and have to start all over again at/after 30? Can I compete with the younger lads by then?”

“I feel angry. Why, after putting so much time and effort in my work, I am still not achieving anything significant in life?

“Am I missing something? How much more do I have to do before things start to turn in my favour?” he wrote.

He said that he feels the urge to do more, but he is getting less productive.

“No joke. Getting married, buying a house and car, building a family — all of these require money.”

“How are my peers handling all these life commitments and finances at my age? HOW??” he questions himself.

These worries made him feel like he needs more time and questions how others seemed to be able to juggle it all so well.

“SERIOUSLY. How are the people around me balancing their work, romantic relationship, family, hobbies, and health so well? It seems like people are balancing life so well (on social media lah, at least).”

“I am afraid. Am I going to end my 20s just like this? Normal, insignificant? It’s funny how I used to think I’d have all the answers and wisdom by this age.” he wrote.

Nonetheless, Yi Xuan admits that he does not have all the answers to any of his worries and fears right now, but he reminds himself to handle what is within his control.

So here’s some ways he has learnt along his way and is sharing with those who are facing similar issues:

  • Define what ‘turning 30’ means for myself. Not what ‘turning 30’ means to my parents, some ‘successful’ influencers, or peers. Just me. How I see myself by 30. (*But it feels good to rant a bit!)
  • Cut my time on social media significantly (except for work). How others live their life has nothing to do with mine.
  • Work towards his goal as defined in ‘turning 30’.
  • Learn to forgive myself (still learning!). Be grateful for every small or big progress in this journey.

He ends his post with a favourite quote “Remember that the minute you take your first step into the life of your dreams, the first to greet you there will be fear.”

“Nod. Keep walking.”

Do you find this opinion from Yi Xuan helpful? Share your thoughts!

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