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Malaysians Express Frustration Towards The “Going Out For Drink” Culture Practiced In The Public Sector

Social NewsMalaysians Express Frustration Towards The "Going Out For Drink" Culture Practiced In...

For those who had experience in dealing with the public sector, you may have already notice that the pace in their office is slow, and you may need to send them a few reminders before the documents are being processed.

Recently, a Twitter user @TerritorySM has responded to a tweet by another netizen @mazs5151 who pointed out the “going out for drink” culture practiced by the civil servants.

Despite the tweet being shared in 2019, it appears that the culture is still around and is deeply rooted into the public sector.

Source: TodayOnline

In the tweet, netizen @mazs5151 said that she need help from a civil servant at the office, but the staff had went out for their “morning coffee”.

She then condemn this practice and said that it is already the working hour and if the staff wanted to have breakfast, they should have it in their pantry instead of going out.

In response, netizen @TerritorySM agreed that it is common for this to happen in Malaysia and he gave an example of the time spent by civil servants in a day, which implied that most of the time were being spent on slacking.

The tweet went viral on Twitter with many netizens agreeing on the fact that they find civil servants spent most of their time slacking, instead of actually working.

A netizen said that the situation is worse during Fridays when they went on Friday prayers and only go back to work at 2.45 p.m., then the remaining of their time to chit chat until they clock-out at 4 p.m.

“True story, I went to meet a DBKL staff and his colleague sitting next to him gave me all sorts of excuses for him not being at work. One day, his colleague said he is at a site visit near Kepong. I then leave for breakfast nearby, but I run into him, who is sitting just beside me. He’s seriously slacking.” another netizen commented.

“When I’m doing my intern at a Government-linked company, this is their exactly their culture. During working hours, they will relax and walk to the nearby cafe. Their boss will join them too. After I finish my studies and got a job at a private company. At 8 a.m. sharp, nobody dares to walk out to have breakfast. All were sitting in front of their PC. It was strict and we need to thumbprint too.” another said.

However, it is only fair to say that there are still some civil servants who are dedicated to work and do not behave as such.

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