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DAP Suggests Govt To Recognise Those Born After Independence Day As ‘Bumiputeras’ In The Name Of “Keluarga Malaysia”

NewsDAP Suggests Govt To Recognise Those Born After Independence Day As 'Bumiputeras'...

DAP’s Nga Kor Ming, also the Teluk Intan Member of Parliament (MP) has in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday (23 November) suggested to the Malaysian government to formulate a new national unity policy, which recognises all Malaysians born after on and after the country’s Independence day on 31 August 1957 as Bumiputeras.

He added that the Malaysian government should not distinguish Malaysians by races and formulate policies based on that.

According to Oriental Daily, Nga said that Indonesia had long abolished the Bumiputera status, on contrary to Malaysia, the Bumiputera status is deeply engraved in our policies.

Source: FMT

Nga also pointed out that for the Malaysian government to promote a true “Keluarga Malaysia”, they should not make different policies for the Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras.

He then said that all citizens born after the country’s independence in 1957 to be given a fair treatment.

Source: Harian Metro

“Race-based politics is the biggest stumbling block to national unity and it hinders national progress. Our country has gain independence for 64 years now. It is time for the government to lead the people by showing the true spirit of the ‘Keluarga Malaysia’.” he said.

Meanwhile, Nga also called for the government to amend the Societies Act 1966 to prohibit anyone from gaining political capital in the name of religion.

He added that the government should stipulate that all political parties must run political campaigns on with plans that would actually solve the people’s problem, instead of getting votes “in the name of God.”

“If the government really thinks about the future of the country, the government must admit its mistakes and stop tolerating this incorrect attitude.” Nga said.

Meanwhile, he also stressed that if the government continues to create race-based policies, it is almost certain that national unity will be an unattainable dream.

“The ruling and opposition parties must seriously review the mistakes of the past. Our country can no longer return to the right track for development if we continue to make the same mistakes.” Nga added.

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