Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Islamic Preacher Under Fire For Making Fun Of Orang Asli Community In Sermon

NewsIslamic Preacher Under Fire For Making Fun Of Orang Asli Community In...

This is not the first incident where preachers are making disrespectful remarks towards the other races in Malaysia.

Recently, an Islamic preacher in Malaysia had caused a stir on social media for his distasteful remarks towards the Orang Asli community.

The video of him making those remarks in a sermon went viral on Twitter, with many criticized him for his actions.

The netizen who shared the video on Twitter wrote in the caption “Dear preachers in Malaysia, can you stop using us, Orang Asli as joke material for your sermons. Can you do that?”

In the video, the preacher cracked a joke with the Orang Asli community during the sermon, saying how backwards the Orang Asli community are, and it was to the extend that they do not know the existence of a mirror and getting excited over it.

The preacher received a barrage of criticisms from netizens because of the amount of disrespect towards the other races portrayed by the preacher in the video.

Another netizen questioned the whole motive of the story and said what the preacher did was “downright ignorant”.

One even asked him to see himself in the mirror before making remarks on the others.

Meanwhile, some netizens had pointed out that this preacher has been reprimanded a few times by other preachers due to other controversial issues.

One shared a notice from the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Kedah (JHEAIK), saying that the preacher does not have an official teaching credential, especially to conduct sermons.

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