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TMJ And Forest City Developer Defends The Mega Project, Said It Raked In RM630 Million For The State

NewsTMJ And Forest City Developer Defends The Mega Project, Said It Raked...

The developer of Forest City, Country Garden and the Crown Prince of Johor Tunku Ismail has issued a statement in response to the allegations made by the YouTube channel Top Luxury.

Previously, Top Luxury has ranked the Forest City in Johor as the second most useless megaproject in the world.

In response, Country Garden has in a statement reiterate that the ranking was not made by an international authoritative organisation and claimed that the YouTube channel is making this to gain more views only.

Source: YouTube

Country Garden also said the claims made in the video are outrageous and biased, given that they had only viewed the Forest City project in a short period.

They added that Forest City is a long term project that stretches over 25 to 30 years. With an improved Covid-19 situation, they will be able to resume operations.

Country Garden also explains that they understands the content creator has the freedom to express their personal opinion and would not issue any further comments about the matter.


Meanwhile, the Crown Prince of Johor also issued a statement in response to the allegations about the development of Forest City, saying they are untrue and slanderous.

Tunku Ismail said the Forest City project is being continuously and sustainably developed.

He also revealed that the project has contributed RM630 million to the state government in the form of tax and dividends.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

The project had also created about 1,200 job opportunities for the locals and 150 local construction companies were awarded contracts worth RM1.4 billion.

Besides, Tunku Ismail said Forest City has attracted the attention of the world with its technological developments and was granted the Global Model of Low-Carbon City Planning and Design Award at the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA) online ceremony at the end of last month.

He also acknowledges the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that it is not only Johor is being affected but the rest of the world too, and this has contributed to the low sales.

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