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Khairy To Announce Detailed Covid-19 Heightened Alert System Soon, But No ‘Total Lockdown’

NewsKhairy To Announce Detailed Covid-19 Heightened Alert System Soon, But No ‘Total...

The Covid-19 cases in Malaysia are showing an uptrend recently and this has created a sense of unease among Malaysians, fearing that the series of lockdowns may soon hit the country again.

Yesterday (21 November), the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin said the Health Ministry (KKM) will introduce a heightened alert system to detect early signs of an increase in Covid-19 cases in the country, as reported by Astro Awani.

Khairy said the through the system, KKM will propose that SOP in some sectors be tightened if there is an increase in cases.

Source: NST

However, Khairy reassured that there will not be a “total lockdown”, adding that he will announce the details of the system in a week or two.

“We want to avoid lockdowns, if possible. It doesn’t just disrupt the economy, but also mental health and family well being.” he said, also highlighting that the people cannot afford another round of lockdown.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

Meanwhile, Khairy advised the public to not take the SOPs lightly despite the nation has transitioned into Phase 4 of the National Recovery Programme (NRP).

He said so far, the level of KKM’s health system is still under control, they are seeing the early signs of an increase in cases.

“We are very worried because we have seen the early signs of high infection cases. However, it has not reached the level of paralysing the health system, but the signs are very clear.” he said.

Just this morning (22 November), Khairy also tweeted the increase in hospital admissions for Covid-19 infections, where most cases involved the elderly or those with comorbidities that were infected by close contacts.

Once again, he called the public to turn up for the Covid-19 booster shot appointment if they are given one.

We managed to bring the Covid-19 situation down under control and we will be able to do it again this time. What’s important is the cooperation from all to abide the SOPs.

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