Monday, January 30, 2023

Terengganu Now Allows Men With More Than 1 Wife And Earning Less Than RM2,500 To Buy Multiple Affordable Houses

NewsTerengganu Now Allows Men With More Than 1 Wife And Earning Less...

On Friday (19 November), the Terengganu State Government has announced that it will be changing the rules for owning houses under the state’s affordable housing scheme for those in polygamous marriages.

According to Berita Harian, the state government now allows men with more than 1 wife to apply and own multiple affordable houses (RMM) if their monthly income is not more than RM2,500.

The State Local Government, Housing, Health and Environment Executive Committee Chairman, Dr Alias Razak explained that this leniency is among the efforts the government had took to resolve the housing issue faced by Terengganu residents, especially those in polygamous marriages.

“The Terengganu State Government has decided to relax the rules after realising that men that have more than one wife can’t live under one roof with all of his wives and children.” he said.

Alias added that there are also other requirements for applicants who are above 50 year-old and among which is to have a guarantor from family members such as their wives, siblings, parents or even children.

In addition, the selected applicant will have their names sent to the Terengganu State Legislative Assembly (DUN) for an interview session to avoid any abuse of power in the granting of the houses.

What do you think about this new policy by the Terengganu State Government? Share your thoughts!

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