Wednesday, February 8, 2023

“Say Goodbye To RM1 Of Happiness” Netizens Cried After Discovering McDonald’s Sundae Cone Now Costs RM2

Social News"Say Goodbye To RM1 Of Happiness" Netizens Cried After Discovering McDonald’s Sundae...

The classical McDonald’s vanilla sundae cone used to be the little bit of happiness we buy with RM1. However, it’s all changed now and we will never be able to go back to time.

A Twitter user @ZackAvaricious has recently found out that McDonald’s sundae cone had a 100% price hike and now costs RM2 each.

He tweeted about his findings and demanded McDonald’s to give him an explanation.

In the comment section, most netizens expressed their disappointment about the price hike and some even suggested other places to get their ice cream fix.

Apart from McDonald’s sundae cone, a netizen also pointed out that in 2010, ChocoTop costs RM2.25, but according to the latest price list, it costs RM2.50 now.

Conversely, the McFlurry used to cost around RM4 but it’s now increased to RM6.60.

A netizen who recently bought her sundae cone went to check her receipt just to confirm the price hike, adding that she only realise this after reading the tweet from Zack.

One netizen also complained that McDonald’s is certainly not increasing the price to raise the minimum wage of their staff.

Meanwhile, a netizen brought up how Canadians protested against the price hike of McDonald’s Canada, contrary to Malaysians, who are too meek to protest against McDonald’s Malaysia.

Meanwhile, netizens also shared the other places where you can get your delicious ice creams at a lower price and IKEA is one of them, where their ice creams are still priced at 90sens.

Besides IKEA, you can get your ice creams from MyNews, Family Mart and other convenient stores, which is cheaper and more delicious than the ice cream from McDonald’s.

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