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Mother Misses Family Vacation After Not Checking Out MySejahtera For 2 Weeks

Source: TikTok

It is very common for us to forget to press on the check-out button in the MySejahtera app when they exist a premise.

Besides forgetting, most of us do not take the check-out button seriously as we are of the opinion that they will automatically check out if they check-in in another premise.

There are currently no penalty being imposed for those who failed to checkout too.

Such matter may seem insignificant until it hits people real hard in an unenviable situation.


Recently, TikTok user @eyra.zara shared with netizens how her family holiday turn sour after her mother was not allowed to get on board the plane.

In her video, she said the atmosphere turned sad for the family when they had to go on the vacation without her mother.

She explained that when they were at the airport, her mother’s MySejahtera status suddenly turned red.

Source: TikTok

Apparently, her mother had forgotten to press on the check-out button in MySejahtera for almost weeks.

Eyra added that they had proceed to check-in the flight first and they thought it was a trivial matter that can be resolved quickly. However, they could not help her mother because her name had already been called out.

She added that her father wanted to get out of the plane to help her but the gates had already been closed.

Using this incident as a lesson, Eyra advised people to be mindful to always check out their MySejahtera, and especially so at least a week before going on a vacation.

The check-out function was first introduced in September by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) to enable better contact tracking for MySejahtera users contact tracking.

However, many Malaysians often neglected checking out of MySejahtera after they have done a check-in.

Despite it being troublesome, it is an important feature to help improve the contact tracing process.

MySejahtera’s contact tracing system helps to determine “casual contacts,” meaning those who were at the same time and place as a Covid-19 patient, based on their check-in data.

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