Monday, January 30, 2023

Netizen Exposes 2 Suspects Who Allegedly Spiked Her Friends Drink And Raped Her

Social NewsNetizen Exposes 2 Suspects Who Allegedly Spiked Her Friends Drink And Raped...

Club drugs really hits home. The common advice to all is to never leave your drink unattended to avoid being ‘dosed” with these drugs without knowledge.

However, such unfortunate incident had happened and was brought to light by Twitter user @nurrulnatashaa, where she openly condemn the 2 suspects who allegedly spiked her friend’s drink and raped her when she remained unconscious.

In the tweet, Natasha shared photos of the suspect and her request for netizens to track both the suspects down and bring them to the police.

“My friend was raped by these two men, anyone know about this man, please give me information. You wanted women but you used drugs. Please, anyone who has information about these individuals, please inform.”

“Please share, this will facilitate the police’s investigation. Both these individuals are rapist, please share the information. Last location Royal Park KL.” she wrote.

In another tweet, it appears that she managed to got hold of the names of the suspects, who were called “Sham” and “Ryan”, but there were no other details given.

Meanwhile, Natasha also said she was not at the scene to witness it but she knows the entire story and she had encouraged her friend to lodge a police report about the incident.

“Rape is not a joke.” she said, adding that she believes many had fell victim to similar incidents but they chose to stay silent.

The tweet has gone viral on Twitter and netizens expressed their anger towards the suspects and hoped that they were being arrested by the police as soon as possible.

“Please punish this both. Jangan judge victim. Takde siapa pun mintak kene rogol. Let’s make Malaysia a better place and overturn the table. Perogol tetap pesalah despite whatever victim wears or doing.” a netizen said.

“If you follow the hudud law, you will be stoned to death, these two mamats.” another commented.

“Strong reminder to my girls out there, do not accept any free drinks-alcohol, mineral water, canned drinks, coke or even roadside bottled water from strangers or someone you barely know. They can easily drug us. Please stay safe.” another said.

As a reminder to all, whether guys or ladies, do not leave your drink unattended, nor you should accept any free drinks from strangers.

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