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Resort In Langkawi Allegedly Threatens Customer Who Leaves Bad Reviews On Bugs Infested Room

Social NewsResort In Langkawi Allegedly Threatens Customer Who Leaves Bad Reviews On Bugs...

Malaysians are looking forward to travel around and take a break from our normal lives after living through the restrictions imposed to curb the Covid-19 spread in the country.

Unfortunately, this long break has caused a hiccup in the tourism industry, where customers have complained about the late check-ins, and other issues.

Meanwhile, a TikTok user @nai.journal has shared her terrible experience of her stay at a resort hotel in Langkawi. In her TikTok video, Ain said “My friend posted an honest review based on our experience at this resort.”

“Immediately after, she received a call from the management of the resort threatening her to take the post down. And if she didn’t, he would tell everybody that we ordered Grab food to our rooms.”


Reply to @mirauchux if you guys are on booking.com do click “helpful” on my friends review. we complained on the first day and stayed for four days. he told us it was harmless and he can’t give a free night cause if another customer complained about ants what is he to do? give them a free night too? — his words, not mine. we didn’t even ask for a free night. just some sort of compensation. we are done being bullied and gaslighted by this person.

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The review was posted on the Booking.com by one of Ain’s friends, Sofia and the review started off well with Sofia commending the location and the pool of the resort.

However, things did not go well afterwards and they soon find out that their room was infested by two different kinds of insects, termites and wood caterpillars (looks similar to maggots).

Source: Booking.com

“I understand that these are heritage buildings, so this wouldn’t have been a huge problem if they had accommodated us. However, unfortunately for us, they didn’t.”

“We paid for what was advertised: an accommodation that was both beautiful and CLEAN, but instead, we got termites crawling all over the bathroom sink wall and floor for ALL THREE NIGHTS of our stay. We had our luggage infested by wood caterpillars (imagine hundreds of insects that look like tiny baby maggots crawling in your make up bag and in the crevices of your underwear!).”

“However, as a consolation, they did verbally apologise. So if you are willing to compensate comfort for a ‘sorry’, then this place would be a fit for you.” Sofia wrote.

Sofia also shared how the hotel management had called her after seeing the review and proceeded to threaten her.

Source: TikTok

“He told me to remove/delete my review or he will respond to it and explain how we ‘behaved’. He said that we were very bad guests as we ordered outside food to be eaten at the pool. This is simply NOT true. We ordered food to be eaten INSIDE OUR ROOM, which is completely normal elsewhere.”

“Wow, I can’t believe a business handles an HONEST review this way. What a bully! I’m afraid of what else he has done to treat other paying customers. If he was comfortable doing this to me, I wonder how many other honest reviews were told to be deleted. Shame on you.” she added.

Meanwhile, Ain shared some several pictures of her insect infested room and how these dead bugs fell all over the place, and some even ended up on her friend’s luggage, causing her to spend her whole night to clean her entire luggage.

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