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Man sue KFC after receiving ‘underwhelming’ chicken burger unlike as in menu

Indonesian man Erwin Sandi plans on to sue KFC after getting an ‘underwhelming’ chicken burger ordered through a food delivery service.

It is reported that he intends on filing a civil lawsuit at the Palopo District Court after the burger he had ordered from the city’s outlet only had the fried chicken patty, but lacked sauce and lettuce as compared to the one in the menu.

In his Facebook post four days ago, Erwin showed screenshots of his efforts to contact the outlet and the staff’s reply that they had run out of vegetables that day.

“Even after running out of ingredients, you kept selling the burger?

“The order could actually have been cancelled, had you refused to sell the product without the vegetables.

“I wanted to return the product, I wanted to complain. But none of your phone numbers could be reached,” he said, showing screenshots of his initial failed attempts in reaching the outlet.

Many social media users told him to stop wasting his time in filing a lawsuit over a trivial issue.

However, the Indonesian man was still adamant and said that there were many customers who had won lawsuits against corporations.

The KFC outlet meanwhile is trying to seek a meeting with Erwin to provide a clearer explanation for the disappointing burger served.


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