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“Did You Watch The Show?” Squid Game Themed Political Campaign In Melaka Gets Criticisms Online

Social News"Did You Watch The Show?" Squid Game Themed Political Campaign In Melaka...

The Korean Netflix, Squid Game has took over the world a few months back, but the hype still continues on and people are requesting for a season 2 of the movie series.

In Malaysia, the Melaka state election is just around the corner and a certain party was seen using Squid Game as part of their campaign strategy.

In a video that went viral on Twitter, the campaigner wore a guard suit from Squid Game and was distributing cards to members of the public, similar to the ones given by Gong Yoo when he recruited players to join Squid Game.

The card reads “Are you ready to accept the challenge? Together we will win back Melaka.” and it was supposed to promote people to vote a certain political party at the pools.

This campaign tactic may appeal to some, but most netizens pointed out that the plan may have unintended consequences.

“Creative but horrible meaning at the same time.” a netizen said.

Netizens collectively express their disagreement towards the campaign, saying that in the actual Squid Game Netflix series, people who accepted the invitation are just waiting for their death, as in the series only one player survives.

Source: MalaysiaKini

“Tell us you don’t understand the main theme of the series without actually telling us that.” a netizen commented.

“I’m crying, they really mimicked a show where rich people pawned poor people as entertainment into some election campaign.” said another.

Despite the criticisms, there were some who supported the campaign and said it was quite a creative strategy.

Squid Game was created by Korean filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk and it is a fictional TV series that revolves around the dire financial straits faced by everyday people in South Korea.

The show talks about the lives of poor people who received an invitation to play a series of children’s games for a chance to win money. The catch is that players in the game are basically held hostage throughout the entire series and they would be killed if they lose the game.

The game is orchestrated by a group of evil billionaires who bet on the game for personal gain.

Meanwhile, the show’s aims to made known to the world the financial struggles, economic and class disparity, as well as the corruption that exists in South Korea.

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