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“Children Are Very Close To My Heart” Ismail Said, But No Free Breakfast For Students

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Malaysians had called the Prime Minister Ismail Sabri out for his decision to suspend the free breakfast programme which gives students a filled stomach before they start their classes.

This comes after Ismail tweeted a video of him celebrating World Children’s Day with his granddaughter at Parliament on 17 November.

“Today, I’m celebrating World Children’s Day with my granddaughter Jeanelle Nika Mandagie.”

“Children are very close to my heart because they are God’s precious gift to us.” Ismail tweeted.

Ironically, on 16 November, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that the free breakfast programme will be suspended, adding that the existing food programmes were sufficient.

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“The irony. Why has the free breakfast program been canceled? Isn’t it for children?” a netizen tweeted in response to the prime minister’s post, while another netizen called this move from the Prime Minister as “BS”.

The free breakfast programme was first introduced by former education minister Dr Maszlee Malik in 2019, where all primary students aged 7 to 12 will be given free breakfast.

However, it was cancelled during Muhyiddin Yassin’s administration with reason that existing nutrition plans which provide food and milk to poor kids were enough.

In Parliament 2 months ago, Maszlee had called for the program to be reintroduced as it would benefit 2.7 million children nationwide, especially those whose families were badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, only to be reject by the current administration.

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“The government has decided to stop the free breakfast program in schools, while the existing Supplementary Food Program and milk plan will be continued for poor students.” Education Minister Radzi Jidin wrote in his Monday reply.

Nonetheless, a netizen left sarcastic remarks that said Sabri was probably referring to only his grandchildren as the kids who are close to his heart.

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