Friday, March 31, 2023

“Please Respect Your Job!” M’sian Boss Scolds Employee For Taking Leave For His Wedding

Social News"Please Respect Your Job!" M'sian Boss Scolds Employee For Taking Leave For...

Since working from home becomes the norm, the fine line between work and personal life had became blur, and the situation is made worse when bosses are expecting their employees to be responding even off working hours.

Recently, this Malaysian boss has come under the spotlight after a series of WhatsApp message between him and one of his employees had leaked to the social media. In the conversation, it appears that the boss is berating his employee who is on a wedding leave, and demanded him to respond instantaneously to him.

The WhatsApp conversation was shared by a Facebook page, MCN Asia Entertainment and it has since then gone viral.

The CEO, who goes by the name Ryan, messaged his staff who is on his wedding leave rudely, demanding him to reply his messages instantly.

“Hello!! Reply NOW. Where da (the) hell are you now? You thought on leave no need to care (about) your job is it?” were among the things Ryan said to his employee, despite knowing the fact that he was preparing for his wedding.

Source: Facebook

In response, the employee apologised to the CEO for not delivering the weekly target and said that he will push harder to improve the numbers, adding that he promises to follow up on the old leads first before he figure out some other ways to increase his sales.

However, the CEO was displeased with his answer and asked if they “got use their brain to think” and insisted that he should reply his message instantly. The CEO then made the employee in guilt for going on leave, saying “If everyone not responding and no care when on leave how company can do well?”

The conversation then ended with Ryan messaging “Please be responsible to your job! Else we pay you for what. I know you’re busy on your wedding right now. But please respect your job!”

In the comment section, netizens criticize the boss for treating his staff with such attitude and respect. Netizens pointed out that the CEO should respect his employee as a human first before talking about respecting the job.

Another netizen commented “When my workers are on leave, I don’t even have the courage to contact them”.

Nonetheless, it is understandable if bosses have to reprimand employees for not performing well, however, it should be done in a professional manner and more importantly, in a way that takes into consideration respect for their employees.

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