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M’sian’s Forest City Ranked 2nd Most Useless Megaproject In The World by Popular YouTube Channel

Source: YouTube

Malaysia’s controversial Forest City in Johor is ranked the world’s second most useless megaproject by a Top Luxury, behind the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada, United States.

Forest City is meant to be a green futuristic smart residential city situated on four artificial islands and built around an artificial forest ecosystem. However, the idea of Forest City was too ambitious to begin with.

The YouTube channel said that it is safe to assume billions of dollars were invested in this project, but it is now a useless megaproject.

It also highlighted that the megaproject is funded mainly by China, with wealthy Chinese investors unable to afford the soaring prices of apartments in their own country rushing to Forest City.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

“By 2019, 80% of the property owners (in Forest City) were Chinese. Even the street signs were in Mandarin and the few schools that opened in the area offered Mandarin courses.” the video’s narrator said.

“This influx of Chinese investors caused a public outcry, with opponents of the project calling it a new form of colonialism.” 

Source: NST

It also explain that the price tags on the properties in the smart city is not something Malaysians can afford as they were cater for the Chinese market.

“By the start of 2020, less than 500 people were actually living in the residential developments, which is not a lot considering that Forest City is designed for 700,000 people.”

“The project has remained in flux ever since, with some salespeople claiming that fewer than 10 homes were sold in Forest City since the start of the pandemic.” it added.

Due to the concerns of colonialism, it is claimed that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had banned foreigners from owning property in Forest City. 

However, there were no evidence that the ban on the sale of property in Forest City to foreigners were being implemented.

Nonetheless, most Malaysians who expressed their opinion in the comment section do agree that the Forest City is a useless megaproject.

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