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M’sians Excited To Discover Our “King Of Roads” Myvi On The Streets Of UK

Social NewsM'sians Excited To Discover Our "King Of Roads" Myvi On The Streets...

The Perodua Myvi is one of the best vehicles produced by our local car manufacturer and it was crowned as the “King of Roads” for the various incredible feat it had performed.

Recently, the legendary Myvi was being spotted parked by the streets somewhere in Edinburgh, Scotland. This then raises the question, has Myvi made its name abroad too?

The story was posted by a Facebook user, Mahziah Ramly, who had share a few photos of her son and his housemates being excited and posing by the green Myvi which they found on the streets in Edinburgh.

Source: Facebook

“My son who studies in Endinburgh sent me this. It reminds him of his blue Myvi back at home here when he spotted a Myvi in Scotland.” she wrote in the caption.

Nonetheless, if you take a closer look, there’s a dog in the car as well and it seemed excited to be part of the pictures!

Source: Facebook

However, it is not known if the Myvi belongs to another Malaysian who stays in Scotland, or it simply belongs to another local there who just loves Myvi.

The post has garnered over 1,200 likes and 300 shares at the time of writing, with many expressed their excitement to see our legendary car on the streets abroad.

The Myvi that was spotted is the first generation of Myvi which unveiled and launched in 2005. Despite being more than 16 years now, some of these Myvi are still in good conditions, if the owner knows how to maintain the vehicle.

Meanwhile, nobody would have thought that the first generation Myvi is still being used today by foreigners. This also proves that these compact-sized cars produced locally have demand in foreign countries.

It is said that Perodua has received a total of 52,000 orders for the first generation Myvi model in August 2005 alone and by the second half of 2006, the number of orders had rose to an average of 7,000 units per month.

However, Perodua has been changing the Myvi’s model in the recent years with the latest model, Myvi 2022 being announced on 18 November 2021.

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