Wednesday, February 1, 2023

M’sian Doctor Ordered To Remove His Tweet After He Warns M’sians Of Next Covid-19 Wave

Social NewsM'sian Doctor Ordered To Remove His Tweet After He Warns M'sians Of...

Recently, the Health Ministry (KKM) has reported that the country’s infectivity rate or R-Naught (Rt) has increased to more than 1.0, and this suggests the spread of Covid-19 is accelerating.

Not long after the data was being released to the public, Dr Azfar Kamal, a medical official at the Sungai Buloh Hospital had posted on Twitter to advise Malaysians to be cautious of the next Covid-19 wave in this December.

In his tweet, he said that active wards and ICUs at Sungai Buloh hospital are now saturated with Category 4 and Category 5 patients.

Category 4 refers to Covid patients who are symptomatic, have pneumonia, and require supplementary oxygen, while Category 5 refers to Covid patients who are critically ill.

He said that these are the signs of an upcoming Covid-19 wave in the coming months.

In another tweet, Dr Azfar advised Malaysians to stay vigilant and practice the SOPs imposed by the government.

Source: The Straits Times

“Please practice strict SOP, wash your hands, keep your distance, put on your mask at all risk. Avoid close contact. For those who are travelling abroad, get your booster vaccine dose as soon as possible. Stay safe.” he wrote.

At the time of writing, the series of tweets had been retweeted for over 22,000 times and have received more than 17,900 likes, with netizens expressing their concerns.

However, shortly after Dr Azfar tweeted about the current situation in the hospital, he shared that he was being ordered to take down his tweet, but he did not give any details to who requesting him to do so.

He also explained that he is merely spreading public awareness and he has ‘nothing to hide’.

Despite facing pressure from the unknown parties, he said that he stand firm with his stance.

Netizens also voiced their support for the doctor and criticize those who tried to cover up the fact that there is a risk of another Covid-19 outbreak.

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