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M’sian Comedians Apologize For Mocking Najib And Rosmah on Live TV Show

Social NewsM'sian Comedians Apologize For Mocking Najib And Rosmah on Live TV Show

Yesterday (17 November), three Malaysian comedians has apologised for mocking Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, in a comedy sketch.

The comedy sketch was broadcasted live last week and the members of the Puteh trio came under fire from thousands of Najib supporters, who attacked the comedians for making fun of their beloved figurehead.

“We would like to say sorry for portraying you and your wife in the Maharaja Lawak Mega comedy show on Sunday. We just wanted to entertain our audience.” Puteh trio leader Syed Ali Mubarak said in a apology session with the former prime minister.

Source: TikTok

He also personally delivered the group’s apology in Melaka, where Najib is currently leading the UMNO party in state opinion polls.

“I forgive you and accept your apology. My wife and I felt humiliated by the show, even though it was only comedy.” Najib said, add this would be a lesson for the group.

In the sketch, Syed can be seen potrayed Najib, while his colleague Muhamad Ikhatiarudin’s role is a boutique manager-slash-fan boy. Refika Novianti a.k.a Vicha Saywho played Rosmah, featuring her signature fluffy hairdo, jewelries, with a navy blue, posh-looking bag.

According to the video clips that went circulated on social media, the trio paraded on stage, sang songs, rapped, and pretended to shop. In a scene, the fake Najib also exchanged pickup lines with Rosmah’s character.

“Our country is peaceful, this is what I want for my people.” the Najib’s character was heard saying at the beginning, as the boutique manager fawned over him.

In another scene, he asked Rosmah’s character “Darling, what is the difference between you and Melaka?”

“Melaka is having an election now, but you are my elected one.” he said.

Despite being convicted of massive corruption charges, Najib still has a number of supporters and holds considerable power in the current administration.

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